Welcome to Holyoke Gas & Electric's New Online Billing System!

This service offers up-to-date, online views of customer utility accounts, while also providing several convenient payment options.

If you simply want to make a payment, you can use the One Time Payment feature via the left-hand menu option. You will need the customer - location ID values from your Utility bill.

To get started using this site, you will need to create a New User profile by selecting the "New User" option at the top-right. Once you have created an account and verified your email address (you will receive an email that you must open and click on the link to verify), you will be able to sign in and attach your utility account(s) to your profile. You can then take advantage of all the features of this site. PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE A NEW USER IF YOU HAVE NOT CREATED A NEW USER SIGN ON SINCE AUGUST 1, 2017. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD WILL NOT WORK UNTIL YOU HAVE CREATED A NEW USER ON THIS NEW SITE. ONCE YOU HAVE ENROLLED, IF YOU WISH TO BE ON AUTO PAY, YOU MUST LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT, ADD YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER UNDER MANAGE ACCOUNTS, THEN SELECT AUTO PAY FROM THE LEFT HAND COLUMN TO ADD YOUR BANK INFORMATION.